Most Adorable Dog Breeds


puppyNo matter if they are large, medium or small dogs, they have been considered the man’s best friends for several centuries, because of their unconditional love and tenderness that they shared with their family.

All of them are tender for conviction since it is enough with a small gesture or a look of affection to move the hearts of those around them. Although we believe that adoption is the best way to change a life and enjoy the company of a dog, we can not deny that there are races that simply awaken a feeling of incomparable tenderness.


Some people detest them and others adore them, the truth is that they could not be missing from the list because their tiny size has become one of the favorite breeds around the world.

Maltese Bichon

This dog breed is perfect for people who love to dress and put bunches on their pets. Since puppies are adorable and when they grow they are distinguished by their beautiful fur.

Bichón Frisé

They are a direct cousin of Maltese. They are very similar, but the difference is that the Frisé has curly hair and much more fluff.

Yorkshire Terrier

Most, people love to put bunches and different accessories to these dogs because they are adorable and do not grow much.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Aside from being beautiful on the outside, they have a huge heart. If you saw “Sex and the City” you will surely remember Charlotte’s dog.


It is excellent for both adults and children. His character is noble and he loves caresses at all hours of the day.

West Highland

This is an extremely neat dog that loves being in the family. They are incredibly intelligent and there will be no better company for minors than this race.

West Highland White Terrier puppy in a wicker basket

Cocker Spaniel

He loves being the kings of the house and that their owners consent to them. They are very nice and their wit will constantly surprise you.

Fox Terrier Mouser

It is perfect for sports lovers because they love to jump, run and jump. They have a lot of energy and a determined character, but they are very affectionate at the same time.

When to Chain Your Dog

The act of dog chaining is still very present in our society, however, it is considered as animal abuse.

Let me tell you the consequences of this act so widespread and, unfortunately, so standardized.

Concerning ”how long should a dog be chained up for?”

The law is clear at the state level: it is forbidden to keep a dog chained permanently. It is another thing to chain him for a few hours a day to avoid aggression or dog escapades (for example, the person who goes to his farm and has the dog lose, but if he is forced to leave the door open he must chain the dog).

This is an exception because the dog has freedom of movement for the rest of the day. Maltreatment and prohibition are given in permanently chained dogs, and even in dogs that always live on the balcony.

And, unfortunately, there are many of these.

Why should you report? Without any doubt to avoid that the dog continues suffering.

Dogs are one of the most sociable animals that exist. A chained dog is a lonely dog that can not interact with anyone.

By inhibiting these relationships and subjecting him to such loneliness, the dog suffers anxiety and depression.

Dogs need daily doses of physical activity. If we deprive of that physical activity the dog will be deeply stressed and with very high levels of aggressiveness.

The psychological damage is brutal, but the physical is also present. Pulling the collar off the neck causes sores, cervical injuries and back problems. Not to mention that these dogs, are usually quite abandoned veterinary checks and in the most precarious hygienic conditions.

Making a dog live in these conditions is inhumane. If you know a case, do not hesitate to save the life of that dog, because to live in those conditions is to force him to be dead in life.

Common Garbage Disposal Questions

What is the price of a garbage disposer? What are the advantages of a garbage disposer? How do I install a garbage disposer at home? Keep reading while we tackle some of the most common questions.

Do you want to get rid of your garbage easily, making a gesture for the planet? Opt for the purchase of a garbage disposer.

The different types of garbage disposers

There are different types. For conventional food waste within the kitchen, but also for green waste littering the garden. We will see together these different ways of waste treatment and their prices.

The under-sink garbage disposal

Let’s start with the best-known garbage crusher, kitchen crusher or food waste crusher. It is placed under the sink of the kitchen and crushes organic waste by evacuating it by a system of purification. Its simple to use, just put the organic waste in the sink, to run the water which will lead to the waste in the crusher. Then activate a switch, the grinder motor switches on and the waste are reduced to particulate matter and discharged into the drain. Obviously, only organic waste is crushed able. Therefore, you must ensure that it is used correctly to prevent clogging or damage. An example of this type is seen here

Opting for a sink crusher is good for better hygiene for the whole family. Reducing the amount of organic waste can reduce the risk of infestation, insects or the presence of rodents. A garbage disposer helps to eliminate foul odors in the kitchen because waste treatment becomes easy and your garbage cans are also less congested.

The under-sink shredder is one of the best ways to get rid of organic waste while respecting the planet. Peels and leftovers of food will be broken down into fine particles. They are then sent into the pipes and destroyed by the natural fermentation of a skeptic pit or recycled to a sewage treatment plant. A waste crusher is therefore practical and also environmentally friendly.

The only negative point, its use must be perfectly controlled. You have to think about introducing only organic waste and therefore no plastics, metal or chemical residue to avoid damaging your system.

Pond Fish Keeping Advice

fish in tankMaintaining a fish pond is not like keeping fish in an aquarium or any tank, you need equipment, special food and of course the right kind of fish to create a pond. So if you have enough space and want to maintain a fish pond, read some of these instructions related to choice, cleaning, feeding, advice on the selection of plants in the pond.

Choosing the fish for a pond

The first step is to choose the type of fish for your pond. Not all species adapt to life in this new habitat, only a special type of fish can do so. They are mainly koi fish but also other species.

Plants for a pond

Placing some plants in the pond is a good option to provide some beauty and shade to the environment of our pets. You can use any of the following:

Water lily looks bright and beautiful in a pond of koi fish. Their flowers appear in the summer, they are of yellow color although they change to intense orange and they emit a pleasant fragrance from the third day.

Mottled aquatic clover of four leaves (Marsilea mutica), has floating leaves and a foliage of dark green with red borders. Provides shade and shelter for pond fish.

Feeding fish in a pond

You should be thinking about how to feed your fish, you can help yourself from these basic tips.
Feed them with floating foods.  Avoid leaving food leftovers in the pond, remove them with a net after about 10 minutes.  Never feed them any food that may sink.  Click here for some advice on the matter.

Equipment for maintenance of ponds and tanks

swimming fishIt is very important to use the appropriate cleaning equipment, as your pond or tank will have a natural tendency to accumulate dirt.

1. Aerator helps to oxygenate the pond from bottom to top. In the cold months, it provides a hole at the top and prevents the surroundings from freezing.  Visit this site to see some examples

2. The debugger uses a large suction hose and a vacuum cleaner to remove debris, such as algae and decaying leaves. Must have a powerful engine.

3. Network: Protects fish from unwanted predators such as cats and raccoons. It should preferably be placed throughout the year.

How to Train Your Puppy Properly

pupppsA well-trained puppy makes its owner and everyone around happy. For you to have an obedient dog by your side, it is important for you to take some time everyday training him, 15 or 25 min is an appropriate time.

A well-trained puppy fits comfortably into your life circle. Some of the essential and necessary training include heel, lie down, sit and come.

Here are some ways of how to train your puppy properly.

Start the Training Early

Puppy training should begin immediately after he arrives home. The best thing about training puppies is the fact that they are still young, energetic and easy to train. You can also opt to join a class of professional trainers for more comprehensive training.

Give Immediate Rewards

It’s natural that dogs and especially young ones don’t understand long-term effects and cause. They learn quite fast. It’s advisable to praise and reward your puppy within the first 2 seconds of performance. This helps to reinforce behavior and acts as a motivator. Ensure that the recognition is accurate and associated with a positive response. Rewards are one way of training your puppy properly.

Be Consistent

If your training environment lacks consistency, it is hard for him to understand the commands. Involve everyone in the household on your dog’s training goals. For example, when training your dog on sitting authority ensure proper use of terms, don’t mix “sit” and “lie down.”

Train your Puppy on an Empty Stomach

A few hours before you start training, you should avoid giving your dog large meals. It helps him to stay more focused on the different tasks he needs to perform. The more he wants the treats, the more he will train properly.

End the Training on a Positive Note

Regardless of whether the training was successful or not, end it on something positive and praiseworthy note. Finish the training with a command that he has well mastered. The last thing on your puppy memory that he remembers should be your praise and love.

For you to properly train your puppy, you need to have the right equipment and manage your mind and expectations.  Make sure to buy one of the best dog crates so that your puppy cant get out and get into mischief.