Keys To Build A Lasting Love Relationship

To succeed in your love life, would it be a question of will? Space of freedom and security, the couple is the object of all our expectations. Some ingredients of a long-lasting love relationship have been brought to light by researchers, even if being happy to two is based on an alchemy specific to each.

To love yourself, in the long run, resist the wear of time, no miracle recipe. But there are still some rules: accepting your need for addiction, knowing how to give priority to the relationship, play down the hassle of everyday life, make plans and keep carnal contact.

Here is some key to a lasting relationship:


I. You. Speak. Say. And do not remain prohibited, rehash, cut down things that bother you. Or explode.

In short, to speak, to say and to exchange for not making war is the basis of all amorous diplomacy.

Do not fall asleep angry

Sometimes it’s not time, other times again, you still have a dinner to prepare, a work package to complete, an evening to honor, children to bed. And yet the argument arrives, darkly necessary and inevitably exhausting.

Yet, in the end, one thing matters: do not fall asleep ass to ass, eyes wide open in the dark, thinking furiously at what we do there. No, the loving couple knows that he will have to solve the problem before going to bed, will cuddle even if the heart is not totally and at best.

History of not having the bitter taste of the hangover of the dispute, and enjoy the calm of a coffee together in the early morning.

Cuddle again and again

To take the hand, to kiss the neck, to take the size: as we find it too cute in this old couple that we meet in the park, as much if we want to become, this couple of old cute, we must integrate that cuddly moment are never denied in this world of brutes.

To know how to leave oneself in peace

It’s very simple: you are not his mother, he is not your father. From there, a new hobby, personal delusions, dubious musical fanaticism and other peculiarities are accepted, welcomed and embraced with harmony.

Well, if he becomes a fan of tuning overnight, we grant you, do not let go.

Otherwise, after that go to spend all your Sundays on glaucous car parks hypermarkets. But for the rest, stop grumbling, you look too much like your mother.

Trust each other

To keep one’s word, to protect the other (even when he is wrong), to know that one can count on him and vice versa, is to distill the key principles of friendship in your most glowing passion, and this for your greater common good.

If the phrase ” it’s my best friend ” annoyed you seriously when you were a teenager, it’s clear that yes, being in great confidence with your partner is one of the most important ingredients for a serene story.

Remember why we love each other

Over time, defects appear in your relationship as bad acne, and quickly you focus only on the imperfections of your relationship. A long-lasting couple never forgets the first face of his love. The two lovers know that under the wrath, the worries, the differences, hides the partner they have chosen, loved, adored, and with whom the sleepless nights were more than memorable.

So a little memory balm on your daily worries can do the greatest good. Yes, this simple man in pajamas in front of his computer gave you butterflies in the belly for eight months a few years ago, besides making you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

Never forget it!