When to Chain Your Dog

The act of dog chaining is still very present in our society, however, it is considered as animal abuse.

Let me tell you the consequences of this act so widespread and, unfortunately, so standardized.

Concerning ”how long should a dog be chained up for?”

The law is clear at the state level: it is forbidden to keep a dog chained permanently. It is another thing to chain him for a few hours a day to avoid aggression or dog escapades (for example, the person who goes to his farm and has the dog lose, but if he is forced to leave the door open he must chain the dog).

This is an exception because the dog has freedom of movement for the rest of the day. Maltreatment and prohibition are given in permanently chained dogs, and even in dogs that always live on the balcony.

And, unfortunately, there are many of these.

Why should you report? Without any doubt to avoid that the dog continues suffering.

Dogs are one of the most sociable animals that exist. A chained dog is a lonely dog that can not interact with anyone.

By inhibiting these relationships and subjecting him to such loneliness, the dog suffers anxiety and depression.

Dogs need daily doses of physical activity. If we deprive of that physical activity the dog will be deeply stressed and with very high levels of aggressiveness.

The psychological damage is brutal, but the physical is also present. Pulling the collar off the neck causes sores, cervical injuries and back problems. Not to mention that these dogs, are usually quite abandoned veterinary checks and in the most precarious hygienic conditions.

Making a dog live in these conditions is inhumane. If you know a case, do not hesitate to save the life of that dog, because to live in those conditions is to force him to be dead in life.