Pond Fish Keeping Advice

fish in tankMaintaining a fish pond is not like keeping fish in an aquarium or any tank, you need equipment, special food and of course the right kind of fish to create a pond. So if you have enough space and want to maintain a fish pond, read some of these instructions related to choice, cleaning, feeding, advice on the selection of plants in the pond.

Choosing the fish for a pond

The first step is to choose the type of fish for your pond. Not all species adapt to life in this new habitat, only a special type of fish can do so. They are mainly koi fish but also other species.

Plants for a pond

Placing some plants in the pond is a good option to provide some beauty and shade to the environment of our pets. You can use any of the following:

Water lily looks bright and beautiful in a pond of koi fish. Their flowers appear in the summer, they are of yellow color although they change to intense orange and they emit a pleasant fragrance from the third day.

Mottled aquatic clover of four leaves (Marsilea mutica), has floating leaves and a foliage of dark green with red borders. Provides shade and shelter for pond fish.

Feeding fish in a pond

You should be thinking about how to feed your fish, you can help yourself from these basic tips.
Feed them with floating foods.  Avoid leaving food leftovers in the pond, remove them with a net after about 10 minutes.  Never feed them any food that may sink.  Click here for some advice on the matter.

Equipment for maintenance of ponds and tanks

swimming fishIt is very important to use the appropriate cleaning equipment, as your pond or tank will have a natural tendency to accumulate dirt.

1. Aerator helps to oxygenate the pond from bottom to top. In the cold months, it provides a hole at the top and prevents the surroundings from freezing.  Visit this site to see some examples www.bestautomaticfishfeeders.com/aquarium-air-pump-reviews.

2. The debugger uses a large suction hose and a vacuum cleaner to remove debris, such as algae and decaying leaves. Must have a powerful engine.

3. Network: Protects fish from unwanted predators such as cats and raccoons. It should preferably be placed throughout the year.