How to Train Your Puppy Properly

pupppsA well-trained puppy makes its owner and everyone around happy. For you to have an obedient dog by your side, it is important for you to take some time everyday training him, 15 or 25 min is an appropriate time.

A well-trained puppy fits comfortably into your life circle. Some of the essential and necessary training include heel, lie down, sit and come.

Here are some ways of how to train your puppy properly.

Start the Training Early

Puppy training should begin immediately after he arrives home. The best thing about training puppies is the fact that they are still young, energetic and easy to train. You can also opt to join a class of professional trainers for more comprehensive training.

Give Immediate Rewards

It’s natural that dogs and especially young ones don’t understand long-term effects and cause. They learn quite fast. It’s advisable to praise and reward your puppy within the first 2 seconds of performance. This helps to reinforce behavior and acts as a motivator. Ensure that the recognition is accurate and associated with a positive response. Rewards are one way of training your puppy properly.

Be Consistent

If your training environment lacks consistency, it is hard for him to understand the commands. Involve everyone in the household on your dog’s training goals. For example, when training your dog on sitting authority ensure proper use of terms, don’t mix “sit” and “lie down.”

Train your Puppy on an Empty Stomach

A few hours before you start training, you should avoid giving your dog large meals. It helps him to stay more focused on the different tasks he needs to perform. The more he wants the treats, the more he will train properly.

End the Training on a Positive Note

Regardless of whether the training was successful or not, end it on something positive and praiseworthy note. Finish the training with a command that he has well mastered. The last thing on your puppy memory that he remembers should be your praise and love.

For you to properly train your puppy, you need to have the right equipment and manage your mind and expectations.  Make sure to buy one of the best dog crates so that your puppy cant get out and get into mischief.