Common Garbage Disposal Questions

What is the price of a garbage disposer? What are the advantages of a garbage disposer? How do I install a garbage disposer at home? Keep reading while we tackle some of the most common questions.

Do you want to get rid of your garbage easily, making a gesture for the planet? Opt for the purchase of a garbage disposer.

The different types of garbage disposers

There are different types. For conventional food waste within the kitchen, but also for green waste littering the garden. We will see together these different ways of waste treatment and their prices.

The under-sink garbage disposal

Let’s start with the best-known garbage crusher, kitchen crusher or food waste crusher. It is placed under the sink of the kitchen and crushes organic waste by evacuating it by a system of purification. Its simple to use, just put the organic waste in the sink, to run the water which will lead to the waste in the crusher. Then activate a switch, the grinder motor switches on and the waste are reduced to particulate matter and discharged into the drain. Obviously, only organic waste is crushed able. Therefore, you must ensure that it is used correctly to prevent clogging or damage. An example of this type is seen hereĀ

Opting for a sink crusher is good for better hygiene for the whole family. Reducing the amount of organic waste can reduce the risk of infestation, insects or the presence of rodents. A garbage disposer helps to eliminate foul odors in the kitchen because waste treatment becomes easy and your garbage cans are also less congested.

The under-sink shredder is one of the best ways to get rid of organic waste while respecting the planet. Peels and leftovers of food will be broken down into fine particles. They are then sent into the pipes and destroyed by the natural fermentation of a skeptic pit or recycled to a sewage treatment plant. A waste crusher is therefore practical and also environmentally friendly.

The only negative point, its use must be perfectly controlled. You have to think about introducing only organic waste and therefore no plastics, metal or chemical residue to avoid damaging your system.